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4 5 6


comments and credit if taking please. thank you with cookies!
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3,4 and 6 are just yummmy.
great job on all of them!
taking #2 for sure
Saving 3, 4, and 6. Will give credits when used. You wouldn't happen to have the base for 3 or 4 by any chance, would you?
i might still have it, but I'm gonna be away for the week, so i'll dig it out as soon as i can :)


9 years ago

Loving #3 :)

Deleted comment

There you are!!!

We wondered where you were, you were quiet for so loooooooong.


Deleted comment


9 years ago

I loves ya too, dear :)
Snagged #2 :)
Yummy icons, well done!
2 lol :P
Ooooh, snagged number three because frankly that part of his neck could launch a thousand ships . . . god. HOT. Thanks!
Wow, taking 2 and 3 cheers! :)
1 and 2 are coming home with me with your name of course