jades_shadow (x7_453) wrote,


latest few... From a magazine scan and S2 eps up to Adam...

2 more

want? comment + credit pleaaaase! :D
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Snagged the Ianto fuck icon. what ep is the 'gratuitous porn icon' from?
but first - OMG *dies* at gratuitous porn icon *has much love for that*

I navigated over here from your lj page as that's f-locked.
donutsweeper runs this icon you made


(reproduced for the sake of clarity only)

My question is would you by any chance know where to find the original image anywhere? I went a bit cross-eyed searching yesterday (I thought I remembered seeing it alongside wet!John photoshoot pics but obviously I was wrong. A not uncommon occurrence.)
Any help much appreciated.

Thank you very kindly
um but it appears that is a locked post?
#4 made me laugh out loud. Ta.
snaggd a few from diff posts. Forgot to comment before closing soz