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All pics from Ep 2 (S2) TW - Sleeper (one quote)

1] 2] 3]

4] 5] 6]

7] 8] 9]

^*] Blanks can be modified, but I'd love to see the result! :D
^*] Commenting is not a requirement, but it's nice to know what y'all think.
^*] Please credit either jades_shadow or x7_453 when using these icons.
^*] Enjoy!
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you know, when I saw that 1st icon of my flist I though "ooh, that's nice, looks like Jade". And then noticed the maker :)
Hehe! wait, is that a good thing or not? I try not to make icons the same way, but now I have'ta wonder :P
heehee good cos they stand out so to speak! though cut-outs are kindof a feature :)

cut-outs? I'm not sure if I get what you mean, but you did make me think of something else to try, damn it. :P

(and I still need to make quote icons - yours entertain me to no end so far :P)
i aim to misbehave! :P I meant the less-than-100 width/height of the pics, but actually cut-outs are a really fanciable idea...

this one *points* makes me think of you :)
Ah well, I was doing that before it was "in" :P (Icons need to be bigger already! I want widescreen icons! Move with the times LJ, damn it!)

Dare I ask why? lmao.
You have teh tech secrets! (Well, you share, but for the record you don't) :P
oooooh that! did it help you any?


January 29 2008, 22:17:36 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  January 29 2008, 22:22:21 UTC

You are very welcome!

You know, I keep thinking how funny (well it amused me) your icon is... the man HAS no secrets... well not in the trouser department anyway. :P

Is it too much to hope that he moons us all on the Tour?
No national broadcast and 2000 of hungry fangirls might turn him on enough. I do hope they let the cameras in.
here's me hoping too. then again if it's anything like what i experienced at the panto, they really would only take a camera off you if you are obviously taking pics (flash is a dead give-away lol), cause afterall we'd need it for the stage door afterwards!


9 years ago

OMG 1 made me laugh so hard! I'm taking it, 3 (which is just beautiful), and 6 (which also makes me giggle!).
YAY! Glad it amused and even happier that you want to take!

Thanks for your comment. :D Keep giggling!
Taking 8.
Thank you. :)
Beautiful, brilliant icons!

Snagging #1, will credit :)
I took 3, 6, and 8 - these are great! Thanks. I will credit.
Gosh, they are fucking gorgeous... I think I'll snag Number 3, it's just beautiful :)
8! Brilliant.
snagging #1 Adore it! will credit
Lovely. Snagging #6, it made me giggle^_^
I took 1, 3, 8. And I think I will definitely use number 8, because it is so true.
Snagging 1 & 6 - brilliant, thank you!
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