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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - icons

1] 2] 3]

4] 5] 6]

7] 8] 9] 10]

forgot to mention comment and credit and send coffee and muffins!
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January 23 2008, 09:37:14 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  January 23 2008, 09:37:41 UTC

Consider coffee and muffins sent.

#8 had me howling =D
whoo hoo! something to help me through the day! =D

Gotta love that look on his face when he says it! XD

Thanks for commenting.
Ooo Ooo Ooo...I'm gonna take #2 because I've been looking for an actual good icon of that scene! But also guh... #7 is hypnotising!
*gasp* HEY YOU! =D

*blushes* thank ya!

I try not to use the icon too much, cause I sit and watch them. such pretty boys. ;)

You're welcome! You need to make more Ianto icons though *nods* and maybe some of the DATE!!!Scene!!! too cause that would be most excellent!

Thats why I've not chosen it, I'd never get anything done! YAY IT'S ON TONIGHT! x


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9 years ago

Ooh these are lovely! Snagging 7 and 8. Will credit of course! :)
"Torchwood? Oh dear."

heeee! Love John for that line.

Thank you!
I took #6. Thanks! I'll credit.
So swiping 10. Heehee. Great batch. Now I just need to watch the episode...
Taking number 6! Yay! Merci beaucoup.

Oh I can't wait for the epsidoe that goes with 7 and 10 XD

Snagging 7 & 10 will credit when used. *dies*
Taking #6 and will credit - thank you! :D
they're gorgeooous!! Can I ask where you foud the comic one? pleaseee 0D
I love number 2. Will credit when used (and I'm definitely going to use it!)
OOOWWW..I can't say how much i love #10!! Fan-frekin-tastic!!! Thanks
Ganking, like, all of them. #10 = <3 Will credit!

Here from torchwoodicons.
Lovely icons, taking some, will credit when used
I'll give you a muffin factory (and Muffin the Mule if ya want him) for number 7.

Will credit :-)

Whoohoo! Thank ya. ;)

I so need to start capping S2!Ianto more...
:nabs several:
lol havent seen that icon for ages *loves*
Snogging the snag... wait-

Must steal no. 2. Will credit! :D
I took #6 and will credit!
Snagging 2 and 10, thanks. But I can't see 7-0 for some reason?