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8 x Torchwood Promo Pics / Gareth / John + James Marsters (not torchwood)

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8

Please comment if taking. Credit* and Enjoy!

*credit either jades_shadow or x7_453
Tags: gdl, jb, jm, promo, torchwood
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lol glad you liked!

Only took me what, 3 weeks or something to make it :/

Gareth is so pretty and that's a lovely icon. And the Ianto ones are gorgeous.

I really need to stop adding icons, but I suspect #2 or #3 will be added to my userpics :)

Thank you for sharing the pretty
Gorgeous icons! #2 is simply stunning - it's a real shame that I'm not more of an Ianto fan because if I was I'd snag it. Beautiful work! :D
awww well, can't please 'em all ;) I do try though.

Thank you for your kind words :)
Snagged #4; thanks for sharing! *g*
welcome :) thank you too!
I took 4, 5, and 6 - thank you.
Snagged #2-- it's so gorgeous, how could I not? Thank you! Will credit, of course. :)
These are lovely! I snagged 2,3, and 4. I will credit when I use. Thank you!